Anniversary Sale


      Anniversary Sale

      Get a FREE hat on orders over C$80/US$66

      Step By Step (How to Apply Deal):

      1. add the hat to the cart (You MUST do this)
      2. Add C$80/US$66 worth of items ADDITIONAL to your cart meaning you must spend C$80/US$68 for the hat to be free. As a note, our base prices are in Canadian $ you can still check out in your currency if we accept it but deal's prices adjust accordingly to your currency
      3. At checkout use the code "Anniversary" will and the hat will be free
      Seriously we want to show appreciation for all those who have supported our brand and got us to where we are today 🥺 In 2018 we started as a small Chinese streetwear label making clothes out of an old factory, but we didn't let that stop |us from creating quality. We never could have imagined that we would reach international audiences. We know there is always room for improvement so don't worry more sick collections will be on the way 🔥

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