Want to be an influencer?

Who Can Be an Influencer?


  • Minimum followers: 15k
  • Minimum likes: 1.5k/post
  • Follower growth rate: Minimum: 1500/month


  • Minimum followers: 30k
  • Minimum average views: 50k


  • Minimum subscribers: 2000 (Must be monetized)
  • Minimum average views: 10k

Step by Step to apply

  1. Please send us an email (collabs@ohgarment.com) attach your: https://socialblade.com/ links, 2 pictures of your outfits, a screenshot of your profile analytics.
  2. Send us a DM on Instagram saying hi just to prove it's you. No imposters here 🤣
  3. We will get back to you in 1-2 weeks with further instructions

Additional info:

  • We do not do paid deals unless you have over 250,000 Followers