Refund policy

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges:


Contact us within 12 hours to cancel or change an order. Note: During sales, cancellations may not be possible.

Order Changes

Changes in size or color may not be possible after 12 hours or once the order is processed.


We don't offer exchanges on size or color. Refer to our size chart for guidance and be aware that digital colors may slightly differ from actual products.

Damaged Item

We only refund items damaged before shipping. Don’t damage items on purpose; our quality control team inspects them before shipping. If damage is customer-inflicted, a refund won’t be issued. If you receive a damaged item, keep it in its original packaging with tags intact and contact us within 7 days.

As mentioned in our FAQ loose threads, closed buttons, and things in that manner are not considered damaged products.

Refund Processing

Refunds take 2-5 business days to process.

In case of return/exchange, the buyer must bear the cost of returning the products to the seller.

No Stock

If an item is out of stock, we’ll contact you with three options:

  • exchange with a 10% bonus
  • store credit with a bonus
  • full refund

If no response is received, we'll hold the order.

Unique Authorized Refund Scenarios

The following are policies for specific refunds which are authorized by the store: 

  • If a buyer pays to ship and we refund one item, we will also refund half the shipping cost.
  • If there is a buy 1 get 1 sale discount and one item must be refunded we will provide the maximum possible discount per unit averaged. Ex. (Buy 1 get 1 50% off. The maximum discount will be 25% off per product and we will keep 75% of the product that is still being shipped)

Order Settlement

All orders must be settled in 6 months or less regardless of their status: delivered, processed, canceled, refunded, or reshipped. After a 6-month time period, orders will be automatically archived and we will not be able to make any adjustments.

European Customers

Please note that orders to the EU will be subjected to VAT tax/clearance fees upon delivery. In cases of refunds, these will not be reimbursed. We will also not refund orders where the customers reject the package and do not pay the tax.

For countries outside of the EU, customers are liable for any duties, taxes, and customs fees levied by the country where the order is being shipped to. We will not refund orders that the customers refuse to pay these charges and reject the packageIn cases of refunds, these charges will not be reimbursed.