About Us

OH Vault is an international distributor and stockist of curated streetwear brands from Asia.

The journey began in Asia, where our founders worked in the fashion industry alongside well-known domestic brands and suppliers. We recognized the growing demand and potential for Asian fashion but realized it was largely inaccessible to those in the West. Aiming to showcase the underrated fashion scene in Asia, we embarked on an ambitious vision to bring this market to a global audience. which birthed the company OH Garments.

As our brand flourished, so did the diversity of Asia's streetwear scene. We witnessed the emergence of numerous underground brands deserving of greater international recognition. To support and nurture these smaller streetwear labels, we created OH Vault. We carefully select only top-quality brands and are proud to represent them under our company umbrella.
Today, OH stands as one of the fastest-growing fashion companies in Asia, thanks to our loyal customers, devoted team, and talented designers and brands from the region.